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We can all agree that being a mum is one of the most challenging, wonderful and busiest roles there is. With a million and one thoughts running through the mind of mums from what to make for dinner to appointment reminders sometimes it can be easy for busy mums to forget to take some time out for themselves and practice some physical activity. Given the busy schedules of mums, more women are undertaking at home workouts rather than visiting their local gym or studio and here’s why:


Convenience, is key! Especially for a busy mum it can be challenging to drive to a gym or fitness studio which makes working out at home the most convenient option. Allowing you to workout whenever you want, wherever you want, with or without your kids are all reasons why mums are choosing to get their exercises in at home rather than studios.


Time can be something that mum’s just don't have enough of! The time it can take for someone to get ready for a workout, drive to a workout, attend the workout and drive home – a full workout can be achieved in half the time when you have the ability to do one from home.


Whilst mums are busy getting their kids ready and looking after their newborns, comfort is something that they look for in their environment and outfits. Being able to workout from home allows women to be comfortable in their appearance, not having to worry about fixing their hair or changing their outfit to suit anyone else.


Working out from home rather than a gym or studio allows mums to be present with their kids. Especially if they are newborns, women are able to workout from their living rooms whilst still being able to watch their baby sleep through the monitor or look after their kids playing next to them. Not having to find someone to look after your kids just so you can time in a workout is a significant drive in the demand for home workouts in mums.

Whist working out from home can be wonderful, there are always some disadvantages such as lack of guidance and equipment that you may receive from attending a fitness studio or gym. FLOE Live recognises that convenience is key for people who choose to workout from home, which is why their members are able to access over 140 live classes per week that are each guided by a personal trainer to ensure adequate guidance and advice is provided. FLOE also understands that training equipment can be difficult to store in peoples homes which makes FLOE Gym the perfect solution – all your training needs stored in a function and aesthetically designed hallway bench to ensure consumers have access to workout equipment without compromising the aesthetics of their home interiors.

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