It Feels Like You're in Japan—Enjoy the Hot Springs with Turquoise Water and Surrounded by Greenery

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Not only does it have a sparkling city, but you also have to see another side of outback Australia like Katherine. However, you can still choose several hotels in Katherine which are close to popular tourist attractions. Here are some recommendations for Katherine hotel, complete with tourist destinations and holiday tips.

Tourist Destinations in Katherine

Katherine offers tourist destinations that are worth considering, especially for you who are coming to Katherin for the first time. Below are some of the best tourist attractions in Katherine. 

1. Admire the Beauty of Art

Visit Mimi Arts and Crafts, where you can see the beautiful work of local artists on display. This arts center is run by Aboriginal people who display beautiful Katherine-inspired art. If you're starting to get hungry, visit the Black Russian Caravan Bar to enjoy a variety of menus and coffee.

2. Down the Canyon

Experience a unique vacation sensation by exploring the canyon through a cruise ship tour. Enjoy this experience at Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge and join daily tours with other tourists. Alternatively, you can explore the canyon by taking a small plane or helicopter, using a canoe, or trekking on foot.

3. Soak in the Hot Springs

Driving about an hour to the southeast, you will encounter a hot spring pool called Bitter Springs. It is situated in Elsey National Park and provides a comfortable and relaxing experience. The water temperature in this pool is around 34 degrees Celsius, so be sure to use floats for added buoyancy.

Recommended Hotels in Katherine

There are various hotels in Katherine you can choose from, these are some of them:

1. K - Town Hotel

Address: 11 Third Street, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Price: Starts from AU$ 216.35 (Standard Studio - 1 King Bed)

If you want a hotel close to the city center, stay at the K-Town Hotel. This hotel is close to several public facilities, including the Katherine Country Club and several other public facilities. This hotel has an outdoor pool with pool sun loungers and barbecue facilities.

2. Contour Hotel Katherine

Address: 9 Cyprus St, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Price: Starts from AU$ 168.05 (Standard Triple (1 Queen Bed and 1 Twin Bed)

Contour Hotel Katherine will be the right choice, especially for tourists who arrive by plane. This hotel is only 10 km from Tindah Airport and is close to tourist destinations, including the Katherine Museum.

Come with your family by ordering a Family Room with 2 bunk beds, 1 Queen Bed, and 1 Twin Bed. Complete the holiday by playing in the swimming pool; there is even a child-friendly pool.

3. Riverview Tourist Village

Address: 100 Victoria Hwy, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Price: Starts from AU$ 129.00 (Standard Cabin Shared Room - 1 Bunk Bed and 1 Full Bed)

For those who plan to visit Katherine Hot Springs, stay at Riverview Tourist Village. Not only that, you can also drive about 5 km to the Katherine Museum. Apart from its best location, this hotel has beautiful views and complete facilities. There is a swimming pool, picnic area, and barbecue facilities, which are suitable for having fun with the family.

Tips for Holidays in Katherine

Do you have a plan to visit Katherine? Here are some helpful tips that you might want to try to make your trip to Katherine more memorable.

1. Create an Itinerary

An itinerary is an obligation you must have during the holiday if you want your time to remain effective. Look for complete information so you can create a realistic itinerary that fits the time available.

2. Determining Travel Routes

During your vacation, it is important to not only determine your destination but also consider the route for your trip. This is especially true if you are visiting a place that offers many options, such as exploring Katherine Gorge. You must decide whether you will trek, or opt for other transportation options like a boat, canoe, or helicopter.

3. Bring a Device with Sufficient Power

There is no doubt that Katherine is beautiful, so it is a must to capture the best moment. Some places may require long journeys, so make sure you have a device with sufficient power. 

That's a review of holidays in Katherine, starting from a list of tourist destinations, holiday tips, to hotel recommendations. You can book all the hotels in Katherine on this list at affordable prices and easily online via Traveloka. And also even order other holiday needs such as plane tickets equipped with complete information.

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