Top tips for flying with a baby

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Parents and carers set to book flights this year are being given a range of tips on how to travel with their babies.


Car rental experts at have put together a range of ways to make travelling easier with little ones from bringing double the baby necessities to pre-booking airport transfers.


Flying can be overwhelming in general. There is lots to prepare - tickets, passports, boarding passes. And travelling with a baby requires a lot more prepping and extra packing.


Ensuring you do things like pack extra diapers and investing in a baby carrier can make your travelling experience run much more smoothly.



A spokesperson from said: “Travelling with a baby can be daunting, there’s so much to think about and you just hope that your baby has a safe and comfortable flight.


“We’ve got a list of things parents should consider before travelling with a baby this year from dressing their little ones comfortably to ensuring airport transfers are booked in advance.


“The most important thing to remember is to stay calm and be patient with yourself and your baby, travelling with an infant isn’t easy and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, just ensure you ask a trusted flight attendant for help if you need to.”


Here are seven top tips from

  1. Go to the airport bathroom before boarding

It’s a good idea to board the plane with your baby's diaper being freshly changed so it’s a good idea to head to the airport bathroom before going to your gate. These bathrooms are much more roomier and better equipped than ones on the plane.

  1. Bring double the baby necessities

Never underestimate the amount of baby necessities you will need for a flight, especially if it's a long haul. Bring twice as much formula, bottles, baby food and snacks on the plane than you think you’ll need. If your plane becomes severely delayed or cancelled, you’ll be grateful.

  1. Dress in comfortable layers

If it’s your baby’s first time flying, you may be tempted to doll them up in a cute outfit but think of comfort and convenience first. You want your baby to be as comfortable as possible to avoid any fussing, and make sure their clothes are easy to change.

  1. Baby carrier

Managing luggage, coffee, gate details, tickets and food is complicated enough when travelling, so try it’s worth getting a baby carrier and wearing your baby whilst you’re going through the airport.


  1. Pack zip lock bags

Babies can be pretty messy and it’s not like there is a mass amount of space on a plane. It's worth having zip lock bags with you to easily clean up and dispose of any mess that your baby may make rather than waiting for a steward or stewardess to come around for rubbish. It’ll be easier to manage and your fellow passengers will also be grateful.


  1. Plan your airport transfers in advance

Be sure to book your transfers to and from the airport in advance and specify that you will be travelling with a baby. By doing this you won’t have to hang around the airport waiting for transport with your child, your journey can be smooth and quick.


  1. Be patient with yourself

Flying with babies isn’t easy, try not to stress, stay calm and be patient with yourself and your little one. There are usually friendly flight attendants who will do whatever they can to make your flight go smoothly.

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Top tips for flying with a baby

Parents and carers set to book flights this year are being given a range of tips on how to travel with their babies.   Car rental experts at have put together a range...

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