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Welcome to MISS - Food - Health - Beauty - Fashion - Fitness keeps Australian and New Zealand media informed with our comprehensive product listings, daily news updates and reviews. supports PR agencies by connecting with brands, showcasing their events and supporting their clients with unique relevant content. shares breaking influencer news and helps connect them to brands, PR professionals, and developing portals. helps brands by connecting them to beauty editors and writers, key social influencers and retailers.

Retailers and buyers can use our site to discover new brands, new products and the latest industry trends. connects salon owners with new brands and their products.

"Mothers" is committed to galvanising a community of premium content creators across food, family, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment and women’s health

We report on and publish news and magazine features to help Australian women and girls to improve their health and wellbeing by providing information to assist them to make good choices for nutrition, exercise and fitness. is published by News Company. Find our more here.

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We are based in Byron Bay with reporters in overseas and Australian bureaus.
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