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Sheds Made from Sea Containers

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Shipping containers are useful for so many things aside from just shipping cargo across the ocean. Since the pandemic struck the world, many people have yearned for their own space and with the major rise in the cost of building materials, sea containers are a great alternative. So, you want your own she shed or man cave? A shipping container can provide that for you.

The She Shed

This perfect space is a small room where a lady can relax or hang out with her gal pals. Need to have some quiet time away from the family? This space can be altered to let in the light and be a space where you can finally relax and enjoy your quiet time. This space could be used for having a nap, reading the paper or drinking your morning coffee.

This is a separate space outside of the home that can offer a space for you to craft and be free from any distractions. So, you want to write that book or read a book? Your she shed is the perfect space where you can escape and relax.

The Man Cave

The man cave is the ideal space where the guys can hang out away from the ladies and watch their favourite sports on the television. No ladies allowed; this space is just for the guys. A small fridge, some comfortable furniture and a few windows and this shipping container becomes a space for the guys.

There are several uses for the she shed and man cave that you may or may not have considered:

  • Reading area: Most people do not read much because they cannot find a space that is quiet enough to concentrate enough to read. That and their mind is racing with all the activities going on around them. The backyard shed provides privacy, quiet and comfortable space for reading.

  • Meditation Area: Maybe you need a quiet space to center your mind. You can put on some calming music in the background and create your sanctuary.

  • Relaxation Area: This is a great place to take a nap, read a paper or sit and watch birds land in your yard and trees.

  • Craft Room: What kind of project do you want to take on? You can create any type of incredible project in your own shed space. You will not have to worry about spilling supplies or glue, it is not your house area where you must be concerned about expensive flooring.

  • Writing Area: Thinking about writing a novel? This shed area is the place where you can find the solitude to allow you to put pen to paper without interruption.

  • Photography Studio: Are you a professional photographer or a person who aspires to be a professional photographer? If so, you can set up a studio and a lab in the same container.

  • Art Studio: Whether you enjoy doing pottery or creating paintings, you can enjoy using all the paints and creating many projects in this area without worry about the odour of paint and other products stinking up your home.

  • Music Studio: Love playing the drums or an electric guitar? This studio shed space can be the perfect area to jam and create music.

  • Scrapbooking Area: Scrapbooks are something that many people put together to capture life’s most interesting moments and times that need to be preserved and remembered. The amount of supplies required can take up a lot of space, so a large table inside of the shed can provide the space that is needed to do the job.

  • Yoga Studio: If you are looking for a great way to stretch out your muscles and gain flexibility, yoga can help you to achieve that and calm you down at the same time. You do not need much space and just a few mats to cover the floor.

  • Workout Area: You can install a small TV on a wall and have your cardio machines and weights in this space, because you do not need a very large area. Enjoy your gym area to burn off stress and get toned in the process.

  • Bar: You own bar at home can be a great place to gather with friends and family. All you need is a few stools and a bar and some simple equipment. You can serve up fancy drinks or simple beers, the choices are yours.

  • Home office: with more people working at home, there is a need for more room for office space. The shipping container office provides a space that you can utilize for all your office equipment, and you will not need to use the precious space in your home.

Shipping containers provide extra space when it is needed and more importantly, space that is separate from the home that is useful and private. Instead of having to renovate your home, you can have a shipping container delivered and then you can customize it to suit whatever you need it for.

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