How to minimize risks when trading crypto

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Do you want to invest in crypto but you are concerned about its volatility? Crypto is highly volatile. This is evident in the case of Bitcoin which reached its all-time high of $68000 in 2021 and fell to $33000 in January 2022. The investment was bad that it was referred to as the crypto winter (a period where prices stay low with no increase for over a year.

In this article, we will look at what you have to do to minimize the risks involved in investing in crypto.

Use buffer money to invest

Due to its high volatility, it’s hard to put all your money into crypto investment. To invest in crypto, ensure that you have buffer money. This is money that you do not need to meet your basic needs. It is advisable not to take a loan to invest in crypto. According to experts you should invest in small amounts over a long period to have the best profits.

Investing in organizations with crypto holdings

If you are not sure about investing in crypto you can instead invest in crypto holdings of companies. These companies will work as a buffer between you and the crypto volatility. The risk level depends on the value of crypto the company has in its spreadsheets. Before you invest check the company’s balance sheet.

Making investments via index funds

Investing in cryptocurrency is also possible through index funds. An index fund is a portfolio of stock created to mirror the structure of a financial market. They are based on the fact that in the future the market will be better than any form of investment. Just like investing in the traditional financial markets index funds can be used to invest in crypto.

Copy trading

This means copying the investment of an expert crypto investor. You can easily copy trades on some crypto trading platforms like xbt app ifex 360 AI. You just have to select a crypto trader based on various factors such as the number of followers, previous performances, and the risk potential of their investment. Upon choosing a trader based on these factors you can now link your account to their account. Your account will begin to buy and sell similar assets automatically as the trader.

Investing in crypto trading platforms

You can bet your money on crypto platforms as a way of investing. This means companies that are involved directly in the crypto sector. These are mining companies and crypto platforms. Some public companies using blockchain include Coinbase and Riot Blockchain.


If you are not sure of the direction your asset will take hedging your bets is also an alternative. Hedging is an investment strategy involving making a primary trade in the direction you predict the market will take and a secondary trade in the other direction. This will prevent you from losing despite the asset rising or falling.

In summary, one of the ways you can avert loss in crypto investment is by doing market research. Do not make your investment decisions based on hype. Take your time to analyze the asset you want to invest in.

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