Fabulous five minute make over for women over 40

  • Written by Diane Falzon

What can you accomplish in five minutes? 

Walk your dog around the block, boil an egg or have a coffee? 

For a busy woman over 40, five minutes is all that is needed to ‘put your face on’ – with some polish and finesse. 

Whether it is perfecting the golden triangle of concealer, how to use a primer with perfection and look flawless in your silky foundation, is it all getting in the too hard basket? 

Rageism Beauty, the Australian cosmetics range which has been uniquely designed and formulated for women over 40, has got it covered and is urging more Australian women to finetune their five minute make up routine so they can get on with day in fine form! 

Kathrine Baulderstone, co-founder, Rageism Beauty, shares her tips and tricks in nailing down your make up routine in less five minutes, so you can walk out the door with confidence and panache. 

According to Kathrine, a combination of Rageism products including the all-day foundation, crème blush, chubby eye pencil, mascara and gloss, is all you need to get that dewy, fresh look, that will kick start your day, every day. 

“Apply foundation for a glowing and even complexion, then use the blush on the cheeks and eyes (under brow bone) then use the chubby as both an eyeshadow and brow pencil, pop on mascara for rich, full lashes and finish with a swipe of beautiful gloss,” Kathrine says. 

“It is perfect for travel and touch ups on the go, five products in five minutes!  

“As we get older it’s important to put colour back into your complexion, a few crème blush will do just that.  

“This combined with our fabulously hydrating All Day foundation gives mature skin the perfect pick me up. For me, I use 02 in the All-Day Foundation and 03 in the Loose Mineral Power Foundation.  I love to use both foundations together depending on the weather. If it is hot or humid, I will wear the powder foundation as a base and add some liquid across my cheeks for added dewiness and in winter I do the opposite, liquid as a base and then add a little powder to set and for some extra coverage.  And it is important to use a buffer brush than fingers – less waste and less mess!” 

“The chubby eye pencil boasts jojoba for smooth and easy application and can be used as a brow pencil, eyeshadow and eye pencil and in the perfect chocolate shade that suits all complexions. It can also be ramped up for a night-time look too, even on hooded eyes.  

“Th non-clumping black mascara and final touch is smooth and luscious gloss.  I always wear it only on my top lashes and I never use waterproof mascara. The best technique is to start at the root of the lash and wiggle it so the whole lash is covered. I also like using an eyelash curler, although not for everyday!”

According to Kathrine, while there shouldn’t be rules around make up, there are some useful tips to get the most out of your make up.

“Make sure your foundation isn’t too pale and always use less than you think you need, the more foundation you wear, the more opportunity it will cake and sit in lines and wrinkles. Our philosophy is ‘less is best.’  Also, check where you place your blush, as we get older it needs to be higher than when we are younger and blend eye makeup so that the lines are soft , soft lines are much more flattering.

“As we get older, I think we have several life epiphanies  - we should be more comfortable in our skin, but we still want to have fun with our makeup. With small pockets of time, we can still achieve and deserve radiance, even with a well-applied lipstick! 

“Don’t be too critical of yourself! Makeup is fun and should be something you enjoy wearing and playing with, so don’t worry about the ‘rules,’ experiment and wear as much or as little as you like. As we get older many of us lose confidence about our looks  and too may rules put you off wearing makeup at all.  

At Rageism, we want to change that mindset, one lipstick at a time!”

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