Cooling beds and pillows a game changer for women going through menopause

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A leading sleep expert says menopausal women uncomfortable because of hot flushes should consider changing their mattress and pillows to get a better night’s sleep.  

Data from the Sleep Health Foundation shows 30 percent of women have problems sleeping at least three times a week but for women going through menopause that figure triples to up to 90 percent. 

“Hot flushes, and insomnia go hand in hand and it can affect your daily routine,’’ says Darren Nelson, CEO of Solace Sleep. 

“While some women seek hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help them get enough shut eye, your bedding and room temperature can also play a role,” says Mr Nelson. 

“Some bedding can help cool the body like latex or hybrid beds with cool comfort layers made of gel or organic substances.” 

“Cooling pillows are also an innovative technology made from gels. I’ve even heard of some women using a cooling pet mat because they are so desperate to ease the effects of a hot flush in the middle of the night.” 

“For optimum sleep you need to make sure your bedroom temperature is low and cool. Ideally your room should be  between 16 and 19 degrees.” 

“The average woman sleeps eight hours and 27 minutes every night, on average 11 minutes more than men. Women are also more likely to suffer sleep problems than men and are also more prone to develop sleep disorders, including insomnia and restless legs syndrome.” 

“Sleep enables the body to prepare for the next day and it leads to improved performance and better health outcomes. We can function better in every area,” Darren says. 

“Sleep onset is not something we can control. We can only create the right conditions for sleep – both in our minds and in our environment. 

“Our sleep-wake cycle changes as we age. We feel tired earlier, but also wake up earlier, leading to less sleep overall.” 

“A lack of sleep is hurting the national economy with figures showing lost productivity totalling $66B each year.” 

Five Natural Remedies to Improve Sleep. 

Get enough Air - It’s easy to crank the air conditioner or heater during winter, but for optimum sleep you need to make sure your bedroom temperature is low and cool.  

Breathable bed sheets - Choose sheets made of breathable cotton or linen. Ditch fleece to prevent overheating throughout the night. 

Invest in cool pillows and mattresses - Some beddings bring out the cooling effects in sleeping. Examples of cooling beddings are those of latex or hybrid beds with cool comfort layers made of gel or organic substances. Cooling pillows are innovative technology made from gels or liquid matters. 

Watch what you eat before bed - Ditch caffeine and alcohol – it will keep you up all night. Do drink plenty of water to help cool your body down during the night. 

Exercise regularly - but not before bed -  Exercise will help reduce menopausal symptoms but don’t exercises two to three hours before bedtime. The adrenaline rush will only interfere with your sleep.

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